Master in Software Engineering
(Vilnius University)
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Skills and experience


-- Object-oriented programming - strong background and main focus
-- Functional programming - basics


-- Domain Driven Design
-- Test Driven Development


-- Java - 8 years of experience
-- Scala - 0.5 year of experience


-- Spring, Hibernate
-- Maven
-- MySQL
-- HTTP, OAuth2, OpenID Connect

Recent projects

2019-present Visma

InSchool - School administration for school employees, teachers, pupils and guardians of the high school.
-- Wrote functionality for salary payments and exams.

2016-2019, Danske Bank

Open Banking API - RESTful API enabling third parties to integrate their own applications with bank's systems to create payments and read customers’ account information via OpenID Connect.
-- Introduced object-oriented analysis and design.
-- Designed and wrote large part of the main microservices.
-- Implemented OpenID Connect functionality required to receive FAPI security certification.
Draft Collateral system in Credit & Risk - RESTful API for creating and managing
collateral agreement drafts.
-- Introduced Domain Driven Design.
-- Designed and implemented part of the functionality.
-- Led the development team during the last stage of the project.

2011 - 2016, Neurotechnology

MegaMatcher ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) - system for the storing and processing of biometric information to be used for national scale projects.
-- Designed and wrote one microservice in the initial stage of the project.
MegaMatcher SDK - software development kit for large scale multi-biometric product development.
-- Developed Java API for the SDK.